Holly Lodge Park - Frequently Asked Questions

Q - Is buying a home on Holly Lodge Park a good investment?

A - All our homes are built to the highest residential standards.
Value depends on a number of factors... not least, location, quality of park services and the condition of the home both externally and internally.
The annual site fee enables us to maintain high standards in the park and the location speaks for itself! As an indicator, homes follow similar trends to more traditional bricks and mortar values.

Q - Do the homes come with any warranty?

A - All new homes come with a 10 year Gold Shield Warranty or 10 year Platinum Seal Warranty depending on the manufacturer.

Q - Do I own the land?

A - No, you are buying a home with an agreement to use the land on which the home is positioned indefinitely.

Q - What is the legal agreements that I will be required to enter into if I purchase a park home at Holly Lodge Park?

A - The agreement is the "Written Statement" issued under the Mobile Home Act 1983. Please click on the adjacent link to download a copy.

Q - How much does a home cost?

A - Home prices vary and will depend on the model, size and specification from your chosen manufacturer.

Q - Can we sell our home ourselves?

A - Yes, but there are requirements to comply with. For example under the 1983 Mobile Homes Act, the park owner is entitled to recieve a commission of up to 10% of the sale price.

Q - Can I leave the home to my children?

A - Yes.

Q - Can I live permanently on the park?

A - Yes. Holly Lodge Park has full planning consent permitting residential occupancy of the homes for 12 months of every year.

Q - What other costs are there?

A - There is a service charge for each pitch which covers street lighting, estate management, upkeep of communal areas and maintenance of the park. Council Tax is charged at the lowest price Band A.

Q - Are pets welcome?

A - Pets are welcome subject to application in writing and management approval.

Q - How can I secure the park home/plot of my choice?

A - A small deposit will secure your home and plot until you have either sold your existing home or are in a position to complete your purchase. We can even assist in the part exchange of your home.

If you have any other questions or queries, please Contact us.